Uber Tour

The future of personalized tourism with smart and diverse transportation.


Travel planning can be a hassle: you switch between dozens of apps to put screenshots and links together. When you actually get to the place, it can be more of a headache to move around. Even when you had everything planned out, you can still miss out on things that you wish you could have experienced.

Uber Tour helps you with personalized travel planning, on-demand transportation, and interactive touring guidance, all working seamlessly together to assist you throughout your journey. It responds to your spontaneous ideas or change of plans and offers contextual recommendations that work for you, so you won’t be standing in the middle of the streets trying to figure out what to do.

About This Project

This is a concept work and is not affiliated with Uber. The Uber logo is a trademark of Uber Technologies, Inc. The Uber Move typeface, and other brand elements can be found at brand.uber.com. They are used here for illustrative purposes.

How It Works

You begin by picking themes that you are interested in this leisure trip. From there, the app breaks them down them into recommended places for you to choose. After making changes here and there, the app offers a comprehensive schedule, at the same time taking into consideration of your fixed stays and trips.

Once you are on the ground, you can quickly call for an Uber and go to your next destination. If you feel like it, you can even ride on a bike or scooter for a scenic view. With Uber’s ecosystem of transportation methods, you can move whichever way you want.

As you walk around, you can get interactive touring guidance with the app — listen to introductions, find things on the map, look up points of interest of a large place, etc. It’s a personal tour guide in your pocket.


Touring a city requires moving around frequently. In cities with well-developed public transportation, that’s the primary method. As Uber continues to improve resource allocation and autonomous technologies, guided touring in a private vehicle could be affordable as public transport, while significantly more personal, convenient and comfortable. In addition, Uber can provide a seamless, guided tour across a